Bondi Junction, NSW 2022

MJ Engineering Projects Sydney Remedial Bondi Junction

Bondi Junction, NSW 2022

Project Description:

MJ Engineering Projects were involved at Bondi Junction providing remedial building maintenance services. The structure consisted of concrete columns and a beam-framed structure with brickwork infill. The site was also 10 floors high with a total of 54 residential units and commercial offices including shops on the lower floors of the building. The building suffered severely from concrete spalling due to low cover, deteriorated balcony tiles and bedding, balcony balustrades deterioration, and waterproofing problems on the podium level as well as the swimming pool located there. There was a significant risk of debris falling from the building facades above onto the commercial side of the building and the traffic below.

Scope of Works:

MJ Engineering Projects was able to identify that the deteriorated balcony tiles, balcony waterproofing, balustrades system, and the waterproofing membrane system on the podium level, were no longer functional and needed replacing.

A reputable contractor, specialising in carrying out remedial works, was engaged through the selective tender process to carry out the full scope of works. MJ Engineering Projects was engaged by the client, to act as the Superintendent, to ensure quality workmanship was carried out in accordance with the technical specification. The following remedial building maintenance works included:

1. Repair of spalled concrete on the building facade.
2. Removal and replacement of all tiles on the balconies and podium level.
3. Removal and replacement of the balustrades.
4. The waterproofing of the podium level including the swimming pool.
5. Repainting of coated elements.
6. Removal and replacement of windows and doors

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