UNSW, Kensington NSW

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UNSW, Kensington NSW

Project Description:

MJ Engineering Projects were involved at the Australian renowned University of New South Wales, Kensington focusing on one of two major buildings within the Kensington campus. The building was severely affected by concrete spalling, asbestos joints within the sandstone fin wall and the deterioration of the sandstone fin walls. This project involved a number of constraints due to having to carry out rectification works while university semesters were still active and there was high pedestrian access required in and around these areas. All works had to be undertaken between the hours of 5:00am and 2:30pm with any noisy works ceasing by 9:00am.

Scope of Works:

MJ Engineering Projects was able to identify that asbestos joints and severe concrete spalling had a serious safety concern to students and rectification works were important to begin as soon as possible.

A reputable contractor, specialising in carrying out remedial works, was engaged through the selective tender process to carry out the full scope of works. MJ Engineering Projects was engaged by the client, to act as the Superintendent, to ensure quality workmanship was carried out in accordance with the technical specification. The following remedial building maintenance works included:

1. Removal of asbestos from jointing putty around sandstone fin walls.
2. Repair of significant amount of concrete spalling with repair mortar technologies.
3. Installation of supporting pins & window brackets to cantilevered concrete sections.
4. Form work specifically designed to suit existing length, angle & pitch of slab.
5. Application of waterproof membranes and sealants to suit existing sandstone fin walls.

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