Importance Of Balcony Repair Services

Balconies are one of the most important parts of a building that need to comply with regulations to ensure safety for all. If not looked after properly, they can quickly deteriorate and become a threat.

In this post, we want to dive deep into the reasons why you should consider balcony repair and the services to look for, provided by an experienced team of consultant engineers.

Some topics to be discussed include the different services of balcony repair available, common issues to solve, facade rejuvenation, and others.

Types Of Balcony Repair Services Available

There are several types of balcony repair services for balconies, including waterproofing, railings, and tiling. These are:

● Repair of waterproofing. There are balcony waterproofing Australian standard rules your terrace needs to comply with to be considered safe. Examples of this include water leaking into the house from outside, beneath balcony sliding doors and windows, and deteriorated external walls.

● Reinstatement of compliant balcony railings. Your balcony railings need to follow Australian codes of building in terms of the materials used, loading requirements (as per AS1170.1), and where they need to be collocated related to the finished floor level (minimum height of 1000mm).

● Upgrade of the balcony. General upgrades include upgrading balcony tiling, ensuring waterproofing and drainage requirements are met, which a remedial engineer can help with; rejuvenating the facade as well as replacing windows and doors if necessary.

What Type Of Balcony Waterproofing Is Available?

Depending on what’s causing water leaking into your building from the outside will determine what type of waterproofing to implement.

If you’re experiencing water leaking from a wall during rain, for example, the consequences can be severe if not treated properly and as soon as possible. Stopping water leaking under your walls can be possible if you waterproof your exterior walls and roof since most exterior walls allow some water to leak into your building/home.

Other balcony repair waterproofing options include sheet membrane waterproofing. This is a water-resistant material that’s applied on a surface to prevent water from entering a building/home. There are several types of balcony waterproofing that include sheet membranes like polymer-modified sheet membranes and bitumen waterproofing.

This last one is the go-to choice for many owners due to its easy installation and price. It is made from various polymers, asphalt, tackifiers, and other materials that give this membrane a viscosity texture.

That being said, we must mention the Australian standards for balcony waterproof solutions. The AS 4654.2 provides information about important waterproofing detailing requirements to prevent water from leaking, which a remedial engineer such as MJ Engineering Projects can assist with.

Reasons To Replace Your Balcony Balustrade

Balcony railings and balustrades are essential for safety in any home or building and an imprtant consideration for balcony repair as they need to comply with Australian balustrade standards.

These standards state the minimum height requirement, loading requirements, and the need to remove and reinstate balustrades to conduct adequate waterproofing. It is essential that a remedial engineer revises your balcony balustrades to ensure they are complying with these standards, or otherwise, aid in modifying them.

Another reason to replace your balcony balustrades might have to do with the aesthetic appearance of its placement. Many owners decide to make their property more appealing by installing glass balustrades, for example.

Types Of Facade Rejuvenation & Their Benefits

As for facade rejuvenation, there are many reasons to consider conducting balcony repair work such as avoiding efflorescence, cracking, and water ingress that can later compromise your home/building’s structure.

Other reasons are purely aesthetic, having to do with modernising a property and increasing its value for rent or sale.

Types of balcony repair and facade rejuvenation include:

● External wall rendering and balcony tiling. Rendering increases your wall’s durability and makes it water-repellent. Adding or replacing your balcony tiling is a great way to rejuvenate your space and put an end to water leaks as well.

● Replacing balustrades. This is perfect way for adding a new touch to your property while complying with Australia’s standards.

● Replacing doors and windows. To give your edifice a new look and ensure your doors and windows are in optimal condition, especially if the building is old.

Reasons To Replace Windows And Doors

There are several reasons to replace windows and doors, and here we gathered a few you should have in mind.

First, you should replace your doors and windows if they’re not in the best state since a strong wind can surely break them and harm individuals. Apart from this, you can give your property a new look as well as an easier time (nobody likes a noisy window or a door that is always making crackly sounds).

Options for window and door replacement include sliding windows, bow, and casement among many others. In addition, you can replace your window and door frame too, and the options are almost unlimited, ranging from wood, aluminium and fibre glass.

How MJ Engineering Projects Can Assist

MJ Engineering Projects can help at every stage of balcony repair, from locating the source of the leak to offering advice on how to stop leaks to providing a scope of work and project management to guarantee compliance with Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

We offer balcony repair solutions and remedial waterproofing services, so you can understand the importance of waterproofing your building and have the necessary information to do it.

Remedial diagnostic investigations, essential to identify the water’s point of entry and indicate the appropriate solution for your specific property.

And remedial superintendency, ideal for carrying out rectification works and structural repairs on behalf of the Owners Corporation. This helps with ensuring all codes and compliances are respected.

We can help you have a safe and visually appealing building. Contact us for further details or any inquiries you may have.

Contact us for further details about our services and how we can help with your specific project and needs.


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