Diagnostic Investigation

Building Diagnostic Investigation Services

Diagnostic investigations are essential for identifying building defects before carrying out remedial work. It is important to proactively consult with a remedial engineer if a building defect is identified provided that the cost of repair increases exponentially if ignored. Verifying the condition of a building through diagnostic investigations is a good habit and in the best interest of building owners.

MJ Engineering Projects provides expert experience who can collect, examine and analyse data and present findings in a detailed written report with recommendations for remedial works required to restore the function of the building to a safe state. An example of an investigative test report would be identifying the cause for water ingress which could be a water leak that has been discovered in the façade or dampness that has occurred in a wall due to an inadequate waterproofing system. Our detailed recommendations would assist Strata Managers and the Owners Corporation in choosing the best possible solutions for any scenario.

Our Investigation Building Services

Buildings are constantly subjected to a variety of environmental influences which can adversely affect their durability and performance, including material decay, structural failure and failure to meet thermal comfort requirements. By conducting non and/or destructive testing methods in our building diagnostics process, we have the ability to monitor the health of our client’s buildings in order to mitigate any potential risks.

MJ Engineering Projects specialise but are not limited to the investigations and diagnosis concerns in the areas below:

  1. Building code of Australia (BCA) compliance
  2. Condition assessment of new and existing buildings
  3. Building defects auditing
  4. Structural analysis
  5. Laboratory testing
  6. Dilapidation reports

We are able to provide site-specific condition assessment services for pre-purchase property feasibility studies, loan appraisal reports and mortgagee’s reports. These reports detail current deficiencies identified during our building investigation and diagnosis process and outline the overall condition of the building. Facade inspection, water penetration, rising damp inspection, and other services are available for building owners who wish to assess the condition of their buildings in order to make informed decisions regarding their maintenance regime and method of rectification in future.

Dilapidation reports provide information on deficiencies identified through our building diagnostic investigation process so as to assist property owners/managers in prioritizing maintenance works and making informed decisions about defect rectification work programs. A building defect audit is also a useful tool when working with insurance claims. Our building diagnostic investigations can verify if there has been any material deviation from original construction/building design documentation resulting in water penetration into concealed spaces or structural movement causing cracks. Condition assessments and audits of new and existing buildings can determine the identify remedial works, suggest methods of repair, the extent of damage and repair costs.

Also, we offer laboratory investigative tests services using accredited laboratories to ascertain the properties of different materials such as; plaster, mortar, cladding and concrete. These investigative tests are undertaken when there is a need for verification of results acquired during our site inspections or the client’s own investigations.

If you are a homeowner, tenant, landlord or agent acting on behalf of any of these groups and you have concerns about the physical state of your property or knowledge that your property contains non-compliant building products, the MJ Engineering Project team can help.

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