Balcony Repair

Balcony Repair Services

When a balcony needs to be repaired, it can be stressful, especially if you are doing it yourself. It could be that a defective balcony is the result of structural deficiencies, or it could be that there is another issue at play. It is important to make balcony repairs a high priority in order to prevent any safety implications.

It is crucial to first determine the underlying issue of the balcony whether it be non-compliant balustrades, waterproofing issues, tile delamination or structural concern. MJ Engineering Projects are experienced in determining the reason for the problem and providing solutions for repair in a manner that is both compliant with Australian Standards and cost-effective.

MJ Engineering Projects provides both commercial and residential customers with comprehensive Balcony Repair Services in North Shore. We can handle various balcony repairs, including repairs to concrete balconies and repairs to membranes on balconies.

How Do You Know If Your Balcony Needs Repair?

The following reasons can be reasons for balcony repair:

  1. You should have your balcony flooring surface repaired if it is damaged and there are cracks and gaps that could allow for water leaks.
  2. As a result of exposure to extreme weather conditions, the tiling may have become discoloured and may have excessive efflorescence.
  3. Any loose brackets or screws should definitely be checked out.
  4. The metal posts supporting the balustrade may start to rust.
  5. If the tiling or balustrades are showing signs of deterioration in the form of cracks or movement.
  6. If the railings are showing signs of cracking and splintering.
  7. If you have loose nails and screws all around your balcony and you are in doubt of the connections between structural elements, this is definitely a time to check your balcony for issues.
  8. If there are any signs of excessive moisture around the joints or cracks in your tiling.

Our Balcony Maintenance Services

  1. Diagnostic investigation of the issue
  2. Recommendation of repair methodology, materials and cost
  3. Tender processing, contract and project management
  4. Replacement of lifting tiles
  5. Rectification of balustrades that do not comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) (The height of balustrades should be 1 meter from the finished surface level, with a maximum spacing of 125 millimetres for young occupants’ safety)
  6. Rectification of leaking sliding doors and windows
  7. Concerns of leaking balcony repaired
  8. Balcony membrane repair
  9. Concrete balcony crack repair

Balcony Repair Cost

Upkeep of balconies varies from simple projects such as joint sealing and retiling to more complex ones such as waterproofing to fix leaky balconies. Water entering the interior of a property can be caused by leaking balconies, this can result in serious damage and result in severe water damage. Leaking balconies can be solved with our membrane repair and concrete balcony crack repair services. As soon as you notice there is a leak or another issue, you should contact us for expert assistance.

As a result of ineffective subheads and sills, sliding doors are also a common entry point for water. In order to ensure waterproofing and ease of operation, these issues would need to be addressed.

Balcony repair costs depend on the type of work required. Waterproofing, re-tiling, and balustrade replacement all have varying costs. Before you start with your balcony repairs, it is important to engage a remedial engineer to determine what kind of damage your balcony has and how much it can cost to fix it, also to provide a technical specification for materials and methodology required for repair.  For example, someone may require joint sealing to ensure water tightness and stop water leaks, this price will be relatively low compared to someone who needs to rectify their balustrade, water-proofing and tiles. MJ Engineering Projects can assist you in all aspects of balcony rectification from scope to practical completion.

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