Balcony Repairs

Balcony Repairs


MJ Engineering Projects are well versed with all issues that may arise in balconies. It is important to continually assess the adequacy of balconies in a building and many common balcony repairs include but are not limited to:

– Rectification of inadequate waterproofing repairs.

– Re-tiling.

– Replacement of balustrades that are nonconforming to the building Code of Australia (BCA).

– Replacement of sliding doors and windows to ensure water tightness.

Sliding doors are also common entrant point of water due to ineffective sub heads and sills and would need to be rectified to ensure waterproofing and ease of door operation. Balustrades requiring a minimum height of 1meter from finished surface level and a maximum of 125 millimetres spacings put in place to ensure safety of young occupants. MJ Engineering Projects carry out all aspects from scope of works to practical completion to ensure rectification is done to a high standard. Inadequate balconies pose as a safety concern to both the occupant and public and it is in the best interest of owners to ensure compliance to current BCA requirements prior to any potential incidents.

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