Maintenance Planning

Building Maintenance Planning Services

MJ Engineering Projects carries out an in-depth inspection of your assets and designs a maintenance regime tailored to the building’s needs based on inspection. This procedure includes prioritizing each and every deteriorated component of the building in order of importance. The Australian Standards and governing bodies do not stipulate a recommended maintenance planning cycle, but proper building maintenance must be considered in order to prepare an effective maintenance plan. Consequently, owners of assets are at risk of falling into the trap of complacent maintenance routines, which could incur substantial maintenance costs.

We work with your asset management team in order to analyze all elements of the property, including the exterior façade, roof, glazing, waterproofing, structural elements of the building, the cladding system, the curtain wall, brickwork damage, and other floor finishes that are most affected by the effects of wear and tear.

Importance Of Maintenance Planning Services

Every building’s lifecycle begins with building maintenance planning. Planned Preventive Maintenance is an essential aspect of overseeing a building, as well as providing important details to all those involved as well as to the owner and/or user of the building. Before the remedial rectification process begins, a House Maintenance plan should be prepared to anticipate required repairs and their level of importance. This includes assessing existing buildings and conducting pre-design evaluations. MJ Engineering Projects understand how important it is to maintain your buildings. Whether you are seeking to update your existing structures or kicking off a new project, a professional asset preventive maintenance program can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

By building maintenance planning and recognizing where problems are likely to develop early on you will be able to avoid them or minimise them during construction. The building services recommendations provided by MJ Engineering Projects are tailored to the specific needs of our customers and are based on the details of the property.

As part of these house maintenance plans, both the interior and exterior infrastructure of a building are considered. Any problems found will be reviewed with you by our project managers so that you will be able to make an informed decision on what needs to be done to resolve the issues.

A full assessment of the structural integrity and material quality of each element of your property can be conducted by MJ Engineering Projects as part of our expertise in commercial building maintenance. MJ Engineering Projects becomes an integral part of your asset management team, including prioritizing work-lists for asset repairs and offering to maintain assets in a good condition.

In order for you to make an informed decision on how to best manage the issues identified, our Building Maintenance Specialists Sydney will discuss any issues they find with you. Before beginning any repair work, we make sure that we have all the necessary parts and tools and provide you with regular updates.

You can schedule an inspection at any time. We are available to discuss any repair or maintenance work needed before the work is started, as well as to troubleshoot any issues uncovered during the assessment process.

Our Preventive Maintenance Planning Services

As a preventive maintenance management system, Preventive Maintenance Planning System utilizes technology-related data sources to pinpoint potential problems in advance in order to be able to take corrective actions before failures occur. In order to plan a maintenance schedule for your building, you need to have the knowledge and correct tools. The MJ Engineering Projects team possesses extensive insight and the latest technologies for Remedial Building Maintenance Services. If you want to avoid unexpected shortcomings, make sure you contact MJ Engineering Projects for Building Maintenance in Paddington.

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