Remedial Works and Services

Whether it's through structural repairs, concrete restoration or waterproofing solutions, MJ Engineering Projects is an expert in remedial works. Our dedication to excellence ensures that every project receives the meticulous attention required for the sustained integrity and longevity of your valuable assets. Trust us for comprehensive Remedial Building Services that go beyond expectations.


Balcony Repairs

MJ Engineering Projects can be your reliable partner for Remedial Building Services Sydney to ensure adequate waterproofing and structural integrity.

Balustrade Replacement

MJ Engineering Projects conducts ballustrade rectification to ensure compliance to the BCA and safety to the public and building occupants.

Cladding & Fire Protection

MJ Engineering Projects conducts rectification of existing cladding that is both unsafe and non-compliant with the BCA.                        

Concrete Spalling Repairs

MJ Engineering Projects conducts concrete corrosion repair as part of its Remedial Building Services to return the structure to its sound and safe state.

Diagnostic Investigations

MJ Engineering Projects conducts diagnostic investigations prior to remedial works to search for any potential building deficiencies.

Facade Rejuvenation

MJ Engineering Projects conducts facade rejuvenation to ensure optimal performance and appearance of the building.

Inspection Reports

MJ Engineering Projects conduct inspection reports that highlight building defects and recommend rectification methods.

Magnesite Repairs

MJ Engineering Projects conducts floor topping investigations and repairs to prevent and rectify corrosion to the internal concrete slab.

Maintenance Planning

MJ Engineering Projects conducts an inspection of your assets and provides a maintenance regime plan to optimise cost savings.                        

Superintendent Duties

MJ Engineering Projects acts on behalf of the client for all Remedial Building Services Sutherland to ensure the contractor completes a smooth rectification process.

Technical Specification

MJ Engineering Projects provides an in-depth specification to ensure remedial rectification works are completed in a methodical manner.

Tender Processing

MJ Engineering Projects conducts a tender process with several specialised remedial contractors to ensure the best fit for the job.

Waterproofing Repairs

MJ Engineering Projects conducts waterproofing repairs to find and rectify the sources of water penetration into the building.

Window & Door Repairs

MJ Engineering Projects conducts window and door rectification to ensure functionality, water tightness and compliance with BCA.

Remedial Works Services

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