Magnesite Flooring Repair

Magnesite Flooring Repair Services

MJ Engineering Projects are highly experienced in magnesite flooring repair which involves identifying, testing the extent of chloride and corrosion and managing works to ensure adequate quality ensuring that workmanship of magnesite flooring repair works is done in accordance with relevant standards to ensure a maintenance-free repair.

What Is Magnesite Flooring?

Magnesite is a known building material used as a floor leveller on concrete floors in many apartment buildings in Sydney. Prior to the early 1990s, there was almost always magnesite flooring in residential buildings. In strata living, these toppings are used to level the floor, and to provide acoustic insulation to the floors.

Especially if you live in a home that has been built with magnesite floors, it is important to know how to maintain them properly. It is worth noting that as the years progressed, carpeting and laminate flooring became more popular so that they were often simply installed on top of the magnesite.

It is not uncommon for many homeowners to discover that their carpet actually has magnesite underneath it. Frequently, what happens is that after years of ageing, the magnesite cracks and commences to corrode causing concrete cancer. Fortunately, if this happens to you, you do not have to worry, there are some things that you can do in order to fix the damaged magnesite floor.

The Magnesite Floor Problem

Unfortunately, despite the practical applications of magnesite flooring, one of the major problems of magnesite flooring is that it is filled with chloride ions, which are the corrosive components of salt, and as a result, they cause the concrete spalling causing the slab to corrode. This corrosion begins when chloride ions, as a result of being wet usually due to cleaning methods that involve moisture, track into the concrete matrix causing the concrete slab to corrode.

The result of this is that because the floor was often covered in carpet, concrete cancer may have commenced and has gone unnoticed for decades. It is advisable to first measure the level of chloride in the floors to validity the content of moisture is higher, it is more likely that corrosion will occur.

How To Repair Magnesite Flooring

The experts at MJ Engineering Projects are highly experienced in Magnesite Flooring Repair Services, which involves identifying, diagnosing, and repairing concrete spalling and concrete cancer typically in the internal slabs of the building. In order to ensure that all internal concrete slabs adversely affected by magnesite flooring are rectified and no longer require maintenance, MJ Engineering Projects carry out all magnesite repairs and investigations. In the event that the internal slab has corroded, it could act as a safety hazard and may have structural implications for the building so fixing any issues as soon as possible is crucial.

MJ Engineering Project offers a wide range of options for magnesite flooring repair. A typical repair method would include removing the layer of magnesite and grinding back all affected concrete, then installing cathodic protection or patch repair work is to ensure that the propagation of corrosion is seized and that the chlorides within the concrete matrix are removed.

Regardless of the flooring condition or severity of corrosion, MJ Engineering Projects are able to assist with any magnesite flooring repair. It is important to engage a remedial engineer to ensure that all methodology, materials and workmanship conducted onsite are done in accordance with the BCA and relevant standards.

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