Magnesite Repairs

Magnesite Repairs


MJ Engineering Projects are highly experienced in identifying, diagnosing and rectifying concrete corrosion to the building’s internal slabs. Magnesite flooring was commonly used in almost all residential unit buildings constructed prior to the early 1990’s. This topping was used as a surface levelling material and floor acoustic insulation in strata living. Unfortunately, despite its practical uses, magnesite contains chloride ions which are the corrosive component in salt and cause corrosion to the concrete slab. When wet typically as a result from cleaning methods involving moisture, these chloride ions track into the concrete matrix leading to the initiation of corrosion to the concrete slab.

MJ Engineering Projects carry out all magnesite repairs and investigations to ensure that all internal concrete slabs affected by magnesite flooring is rectified and becomes maintenance free. Corrosion to the internal slab could act as a safety hazard and cause structural implications so it is important to fix any issues quickly.

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