Concrete Spalling Repairs

Concrete Spalling Repairs Sydney


MJ Engineering Projects are highly experienced in identifying concrete spalling, diagnosing and rectifying corrosion within columns, slabs and beams. This is commonly known as concrete cancer or spalling. Concrete corrosion refers to the deterioration of the surface of any reinforced concrete element in the structure which has been dislodged from its integral position by the growth of corrosion products around any reinforcing bar(s). Concrete corrosion occurs when there’s significant exposure from motor vehicle fumigations, de-icing salts and water moisture from coastal environments. Assets owners should be wary of signs that could indicate concrete corrosion. This includes signs of concrete marked by rust stains, cracked slab edges and bubbling render.

MJ Engineering Projects specialises in providing the most suitable and cost-effective method to address concrete spalling to return the structure to its sound and safe state. Concrete corrosion in most cases governs the maintenance period of a structure and is typically neglected due to lacking maintenance periods specified within relevant standards and codes. The cost of concrete spalling repair exponentially increases if left untreated allowing the concrete corrosion to propagate so it is important to be proactive.

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