Concrete Spalling Repairs

Concrete Spalling Repairs Services

One of the main building deterioration issues is spalling concrete, also known as concrete cancer. Building managers and committees fail to take action until the prolongment and widespread effect of concrete cancer. MJ Engineering Projects specialises in Concrete Remedial Works Sutherland in residential and commercial strata buildings as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

Concrete cancer/concrete spalling located in internal flooring, slab soffits, slab edges, and structural elements are all areas which are prone to concrete cancer. The effect of concrete corrosion is that the reinforced concrete element is displaced from its integral position because corrosion products have formed around reinforcing bars will causing them to deteriorate. Concrete cancer often occurs when the concrete is exposed to significant levels of motor vehicle fumigations, deicing salts, and water moisture from coastal areas. Concrete corrosion should be an indication to the owner’s corporation to consult a Trusted Concrete Engineer Newcastle immediately.

MJ Engineering Projects specializes in providing Concrete Spalling Repairs in Sydney that are both cost-effective and suitable to return the structure to a sound and safe working condition. A structure’s maintenance period is typically governed by concrete spalling due to the fact that maintenance of concrete elements is not specified within applicable codes and standards. It is important to address concrete cancer early since the cost of concrete spalling repair exponentially increases if the corrosion is left untreated.

The Effects & Signs Of Spalling Concrete

A few common effects causing concrete cancer include:

  1. Having concrete that is of substandard quality
  2. An insufficient curing/finishing technique can result in poor quality results
  3. Failure of a two-course bond in a two-course construction
  4. Electrochemical reactions (such as those induced by de-icing salts)
  5. The corrosion and oxidation of reinforcing rebar (as a result of exposure to water)
  6. Freeze-thaw cycles cause a great deal of wear and tear

Among these are rust stains, cracked slab edges, and bubbling render, which indicate concrete damage.

A few common signs indicating concrete spalling include:

  1. Crazing and cracking of the concrete.
  2. If tapped, solid concrete shows signs of hollowness, indicating that it has begun to delaminate.
  3. Concrete surfaces with leaks overhead indicate that moisture has entered and passed the entire concrete matrix indicating the steel bars are more likely commencing to rust.
  4. Surface stains of rust due to leaks from the surface of the concrete.
  5. The process of plating of concrete render (also known as bubbling).

Our Services For Treating Spalling Concrete

In order to determine the cause of concrete cancer and concrete spalling damage throughout your building, MJ Engineering Project conducts an investigation with our highly skilled Concrete Spalling Repair team. In order to reduce the risk of ongoing concrete spalling repair, the source of the spalling needs to be identified. Our team determines the best solution for our clients to repair Spalling Concrete after identifying the nature, cause, and source of the problem. A few concrete cancer repair solutions include; polymer modified repair and electrochemical treatment. We are able to suggest the most cost-effective solution for Concrete Cancer Repairs Wollongong.

In order to prevent concrete cancer from spreading and requiring major structural repairs, it should be treated early. Identifying and treating concrete spalling as a high priority is crucial to protecting your building. MJ Engineering Projects is specialised in rectifying Concrete Engineering Solutions in all scenarios.

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today so that we can help you with your Remedial Concrete Repair Services project as soon as possible. If your property shows signs of rust, cracks, or exposed steel, you should address them quickly before your issue propagates throughout the building.

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