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Remedial Superintendent Services

The Remedial Superintendent Duties in Sutherland is to carry out rectification works and structural repairs on behalf of the Owners Corporation. A remedial superintendent ensures that the contracted works are completed to specifications, cost and within the specified timeframes, which ensures that they are carried out according to agreed specifications. In order to ensure that all issues in this process are dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible, remedial superintendents supervise the process from start to finish. Once the rectification works are agreed upon with the owner’s corporation, MJ Engineering Projects acts as the remedial superintendent on behalf of the client.

Remedial work is used to describe a situation in which a property or site that may have been damaged needs to be repaired. MJ Engineering Project works have been assisting clients as a remedial supervisor in building rectification work for 15 years.

A list of activities that would be conducted as the superintendent would include:

  1. On-site management in the process of implementing a scope of work
  2. Work closely with the principal contractor, equipment, and materials in order to ensure compliance with building works
  3. Validate progress payments prior to remittance
  4. Inspect site and provide practical completion to the client
  5. Keep a record and report on the locations of repair and general observations within the field
  6. Keep track of project progress in relation to the timeline

The Importance Of Remedial Project Management

A remedial supervisor is a person hired by the client to act as an intermediary between the contractor and the client in order to manage the scope of work. MJ Engineering Projects have a team of experienced remedial superintendents with a wealth of experience managing remediation and reoccupation works to properties that have been impacted by poor workmanship, environmental issues, fire damage, floods, and water ingress. It is important to maintain your building in good health by providing proactive advice about how to avoid future problems.

An MJ Engineering Projects representative would then act as the owner’s point of contact and liaison during the rectification works to facilitate communication between the owner and the contractor. It is important to note that by doing this, it is being ensured that all of the project’s contractual provisions will be met and that the owner’s interests will be protected. The construction phase is the responsibility of the superintendent until practical completion is achieved, only then will the client receive the building. Once practical completion has been achieved, an official statutory warranty of six years for any structural defects arising out of the remedial work and two years for any non-structural defects will be provided.

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