Window and Door Rejuvenation

Window and Door Repair Services

Our team at MJ Engineering Projects are able to assist in window and door rejuvenation. Prior to commencing remedial works, it is important to identify the entry point of the water leak and provide a solution for repair. MJ Engineering Projects are able to assess and provide materials and methodologies required to ensure water-tightness, thermal and acoustic requirements are addressed. We are also able to assist with the project management of repair work and supervising the repair of windows and doors to ensure that they are watertight, functional, and perform well.

Reasons For Window And Door Rejuvenation

Window and door rejuvenation is one of the most cost-effective ways to add value to your asset as well as provide increased thermal insulation and acoustics. There is a varying range of issues that may be experienced depending on the existing materials of the windows and doors. In the case of both timber and aluminium windows, water leaks occur due to insufficient subheads and sub sills. In the case of doors, non-compliant detailing of waterproofing can cause water leaks. The interior of your home can suffer major damage if not addressed, especially during flood events.

There are many reasons to update your windows, doors and locks, regardless of whether you’re installing new windows, doors or locks. A sagging window or internal door can also pose a hazard to elderly and disabled tenants. You may want to consider window replacement options such as aluminium windows if the windows have become old, drafty and worn out beyond repair and for the convenience of easy maintenance and increased acoustic and thermal properties.

Since 2018, safety devices complying with Section 64A of the Strata Schemes Management with a maximum of 125mm are required on all windows to ensure the safety of younger occupants.

Our Services For Window And Door Rejuvenation

MJ Engineering Projects are well experienced in Window and door rejuvenation and familiar with all types of window and door construction methods and have the ability to provide recommendations as well as execute works while ensuring cost efficiency and quality. In order to provide window and door repair services, our expert team employs the latest methods.

Window replacement services provide you with the opportunity to reflect light into your home, improving its appearance and making it more inviting. A good window repair can affect the security of your home at night because if it isn’t done properly, it may allow access into your home without you being aware of it.

In order to provide you with the best service possible, we have a team specialized in window and door repairs at MJ Engineering Projects. Using only the best equipment and technicians, we guarantee the best results every time. Since we are the best Window Waterproofing Company in North Shore, you can rely on us for all your window and door concerns for peace of mind.

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