Window and Door Repair Services

Window and Door Repair Services


Windows and doors are integral to any building, providing natural light, ventilation, and access while contributing to its aesthetics. However, they are continually exposed to daily wear and tear and harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, moisture, and UV radiation. Over time, these factors can result in various issues that affect the performance and appearance of windows and doors.

At MJ Engineering Projects, we understand the importance of proper waterproofing detailing for sliding doors and other windows and doors. We can identify the underlying cause of water ingress and provide a specification to prevent future water penetration.

Common windows and doors problems:

The followings are some of the most common problems and their impacts on a property:

Water ingress:

Water ingress is one of the most common issues with windows and doors. Water penetration can cause severe damage to a building’s structure, promote mould growth, and lead to other health hazards. The failure of waterproofing detailing to sliding doors can cause wind-driven rain to travel laterally beneath the sliding doors into internal areas. This can lead to water damage to interior finishes and electrical components, causing further structural issues.

Structural problems:

Damaged or weakened window and door frames can compromise the overall stability of a building. This can manifest in several ways, including sagging or warped frames, cracked or broken glass, and gaps between the frame and the wall. If left unaddressed, these issues can lead to water leaks, air infiltration, and even structural failure in severe cases. As a result, prompt attention to any signs of structural damage is crucial to maintaining a building’s safety and longevity.

Cosmetics damage:

The visual appeal of a property can be significantly affected by deteriorating windows and doors. Peeling paint, rotting wood, cracked glass, and rusted or corroded hardware can detract from a property’s appearance and reduce its value. In addition to affecting curb appeal, cosmetic damage can indicate underlying issues that may compromise the integrity of the window or door.

Energy inefficiency:

Poorly sealed windows and doors allow drafts to enter a building, increasing energy consumption and utility bills. Factors such as worn weatherstripping, gaps around the frame, and single-pane glass can contribute to energy inefficiency. Property owners can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills by addressing these issues and upgrading to energy-efficient windows and doors.

Security concerns:

Damaged locks, weakened frames, or compromised glazing can make your property vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism. Ensuring that windows and doors are secure and in good working order protects your property and its occupants from potential threats.


Window & Door Repair Process

Window And Door Rejuvenation

Initial Site Inspection

A professional engineer will typically conduct a visual inspection and use specialised tools to check non-conformances and diagnosis the issue.

Window And Door Rejuvenation
Window And Door Rejuvenation

Develop Repair Plan

Once the inspection is complete, the engineer will develop a comprehensive repair plan that includes the scope of work, materials and methodologies required to ensure that all requirements are explicitly stipulated.

Window And Door Rejuvenation
Window And Door Rejuvenation

Conduct Tender Process

Once the repair plan has been finalised, selective specalist remedial contractors would be given the opportunity to provide their pricing based on the requirements within the repair plan. We would then review all submissions and recommended the best suited contractor to conduct the works.

Window And Door Rejuvenation
Window And Door Rejuvenation

Project Management

Throughout the repair process, we would conduct regular quality assurance checks to ensure that the work is progressing according to schedule, costing and requirements within the repair plan.


Window & Door Repair Options

Various repair options are available for window and door issues, depending on the severity and nature of the problem. Some typical repairs include:

Sliding door repairs: Waterproofing detailing is crucial to prevent wind-driven rain from travelling laterally beneath sliding doors and entering internal areas, causing water ingress. Damaged rollers, tracks, or locks can compromise the integrity of the waterproofing system and allow water to penetrate the building. Thus, it is essential to address any sliding door issues promptly and effectively to prevent water ingress and the resulting structural damage, health hazards, and cosmetic issues.

Replacing damaged components, such as rollers, tracks, or locks, can restore the smooth operation of sliding doors and improve security. This repair is essential to ensuring the proper functioning of the waterproofing system and preventing water ingress.

Door glass repairs: Cracked or broken glass panes can compromise a door’s structural integrity, energy efficiency, and security. Replacing the damaged glass can resolve these issues and restore the door’s appearance.

Window and door restorations: Repainting or refinishing frames, replacing weatherstripping, and repairing hardware can rejuvenate the appearance and performance of windows and doors. Restoring windows and doors can also improve these components’ energy efficiency and functionality.

Window and door screen repair: Damaged screens can compromise ventilation, pest control, and security. Replacing or repairing screens can restore their functionality and improve overall performance.

It’s important to note that repairing the window or door may not be enough sometimes, and a total replacement may be necessary. A qualified remedial engineer like MJ Engineering Projects can assess the situation and provide the most appropriate repair or replacement options.

How can MJ Engineering Projects help?

Our Experience

At MJ Engineering, we understand the importance of waterproofing in construction projects, and that’s why we offer remedial waterproofing services that repair existing failed waterproofing systems. Our team of certified waterproofing consultants has extensive repair experience, making us the ideal partner for any remedial waterproofing needs.

Our Knowledge

We offer a range of services, including basement waterproofing, roof waterproofing, and leaking balcony repairs, providing a comprehensive solution for any waterproofing issues. Our team of experts can accurately diagnose the issue and identify the point of entry to prevent further water damage. We provide detailed specifications for repairs, ensuring that the underlying cause of the waterproofing issue is addressed.

Our Experts

At MJ Engineering, we understand that every building has unique waterproofing needs. That’s why our team of certified waterproofing consultants provides tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of your property. We also use high-quality materials and products in our remedial waterproofing services, ensuring that our repairs are long-lasting and effective.

The MJ Engineering Projects Experience

Window And Door Rejuvenation

Over 20 Years Experience

Our team of specialist remedial engineers who are also registered design practitioners have over 20 years of experience and would be able to assist with any issues.

Window And Door Rejuvenation

Leading Industry Expertise

Our team focuses only in remedial engineering meaning that you can be rest assured with our specialist knowledge and expertise.

MJ Engineering Projects Sydney Remedial Surry Hills

Over 1,000 Buildings

With over 1,000 buildings inspected, our team of engineers are able to troubleshoot any concern that may be encountered.

FAQs About Window and Door Repair Services

When undertaking window and door repairs, it’s essential to consider compliance codes to ensure the work’s safety and quality. For example, Australian Standard AS 1288-2006 outlines the requirements for glass installation in buildings, including specific provisions for various types of door glass replacement. Compliance with relevant standards ensures that repairs are carried out to the highest level of safety and quality, protecting both the property owner and occupants.

By engaging a remedial engineer like MJ Engineering Projects, you can be confident that your window and door repairs will be conducted with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Our comprehensive process includes the following:

Site inspection: We thoroughly assess the issue to determine the root cause and develop an appropriate repair strategy.

Detailed specifications: Our team clearly outlines the materials and methodologies required for the repair, ensuring the most suitable and cost-effective solutions are implemented.

Tender process: We manage a competitive tender process to identify the best-suited contractor for the job, guaranteeing that you receive high-quality solutions at the best possible price.

Project management: Our engineers oversee the entire repair process, from start to finish, ensuring adherence to our specifications and compliance with relevant codes and standards. This oversight guarantees that the repair work meets your expectations and protects your investment.

Quality assurance: MJ Engineering Projects is committed to delivering outstanding results. By engaging our services, you can rest assured that your window and door repairs will be completed to the highest standard of quality and workmanship.

Expert advice: Our extensive experience in the field enables us to provide invaluable guidance on preventative measures and ongoing maintenance to help you avoid future issues and prolong the life of your windows and doors.

In conclusion, addressing window and door issues is essential for maintaining your property’s structural integrity, cosmetic appeal, energy efficiency, and security. Whether you require sliding door repairs on the Gold Coast or window and door replacement near you, MJ Engineering Projects is your trusted partner for expert solutions. Contact MJ Engineering Projects today to schedule a site inspection and restore your windows and doors to their optimal condition.

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