Facade Rejuvenation

Facade Rejuvenation Services

Would you like to have your facade rejuvenated? Due to Australia’s harsh climate, it is often necessary to repair or replace building facade materials. The value and appearance of your building can be dramatically improved if you fix a damaged or out-of-date façade. This is why it is worth investing in quality workmanship and experience when it comes to façade repairs and upgrades so that you can get the best possible results. The most prominent buildings in the city have entrusted MJ Engineering with their Facade Repair Services Western Sydney requirements.

A building’s facade can be improved in many ways if the correct facade rejuvenation methods are prescribed, these methods range from rendering to concrete spalling repair. A facade rejuvenation service has proven to successfully rejuvenate buildings at a time when it seemed impossible and has brought buildings back to life like they were never before. For those who are not sure if building rejuvenation is of value, MJ Engineering Projects have found that the Owners Corporation typically recover repair costs with the appreciation of their assets.

There is a number of options such as Facade Rendering Service which can provide waterproofing benefits and also change the facade appearance dramatically. If the desired feel is to preserve the historic feel of the building, it is possible to update buildings that have not been updated in decades, giving them a fresh new look. Works carried out will be done in a manner to minimise disruption in neighbouring areas, as well as enabling neighbouring businesses to carry on as usual during the process.

Our Services For Building Facade Rejuvenation & Upgrades

Delamination of façade elements is inevitable due to exposure to the elements. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain the building’s appearance so that your assets are valued appropriately. MJ Engineering Projects provides comprehensive consulting and engineering services for property owners seeking a full-scale or localised facade renovation.

A few items to consider in facade rejuvenation include:

  1. Roof repair and waterproofing
  2. Roof capping and waterproofing
  3. Podium waterproofing
  4. Replacing windows and doors
  5. Façade painting
  6. Facade rendering
  7. Coating repairs
  8. Brick repointing
  9. Brick stitching
  10. Repairing exterior flashings
  11. Installing brick ties

Facade Contractors in Sydney that are engaged by MJ Engineering Projects are specialists within the remedial field and provide quick, cost-effective, and professional experience. Strata Managers and Owners Corporations should be wary of hiring general building contractors provided that these works are best suited to be conducted by a specialized contractor.

When dealing with a facade issue, finding the real cause and repairing it thoroughly and effectively while ensuring a feeling of peace of mind is invariably invaluable. In addition to determining your building’s requirements, MJ Engineering Project offers a variety of functional and efficient solutions to ensure that the quality of your building is not only the best for you – but also for your prospective clients or renters.

As part of the post-construction and design phases, MJ Engineering Projects can assist the client in prescribing methods allowing for ease of construction, safety, maintenance of life, sustainability and most importantly choosing the most suitable façade elements that will meet the specific requirements of the site and optimize the maintenance periods of the building. With the correct material, methodology and ongoing quality assurance, owners can be assured that building repairs will provide heightened acoustic and thermal insulation and decreased maintenance requirements. Please feel free to contact MJ Engineering Projects for technical assistance and information regarding available options for your facade rejuvenation project to ensure that you can obtain the best results for your assets.

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