Technical Specification

Technical Specification


MJ Engineering Projects complete a comprehensive technical specification once an inspection report has been completed. A technical specification would be required to articulate all contractual requirements between the contractor and client as well as the scope of works and minimum requirements. Completing this is essential to ensure that works are conducted to an acceptable standard which also ensures peace of mind for the client.

MJ Engineering Projects would prepare the technical specification for all type of rectification works including:

– Balcony repair

– Balustrade compliance

– Cladding and fire protection

– Concrete spalling

– Façade rejuvenation

– Magnesite flooring corrosion

– Waterproofing

Any remedial works project should include a specification and a detailed scope of work, to ensure that there is no doubt about the type and quantity of work required. In the absence of such specification, disagreements are inevitable. Works completed without a comprehensive technical specification tend to be completed at a lesser quality which could potentially lead to voided warranties and additional costs in the long-run. Therefore it is important that the technical specification is completed with the guidance of a professional remedial consultant.

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