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Remedial Tender Processing Services

The first stage prior to commencement of rectification works is tender processing, this involves preparing and consolidating tenders. Prior to commencing any rectification work, MJ Engineering Projects conducts tender processing by combining our experience in assets fund project management with our know-how about using proper requests for tender processes to ensure the completion of work on time and on budget every time. The tender processing phase typically consists of addendums and additional information that are raised by the contractor to avoid any uncertainties during the project delivery phase. Conducting tender processing ensures that the best contractor is selected for the project.

Process Of Remedial Tender Processing

MJ Engineering Projects only engages contractors who specialise in Remedial Tender Processing Inner West, NSW, who are screened during the tender processing. As a client of MJ Engineering Projects, you will be informed throughout the tendering process so that you can make your own decision about what contractor suits your individual requirements the best. Based on the cost breakdowns submitted by the various contractors, we can assemble a report that can be sent to our clients so that they can see the strengths and weaknesses of each contractor in the event that they decide to change any tender at a later date.

There would be a requirement for each contractor to submit a breakdown of costs, a schedule, and a list of their insurances and safety requirements in order to be considered. This includes having a safety plan in place, insurance coverages, and ensuring that workers have been properly trained for the particular job site.

By the end of the period, a request for tenders would be submitted to MJ Engineering Projects, who will evaluate all contractors and prepare a report which details the merits (and any shortcomings) of all the bids.

After reviewing this report, our client would be notified and given the opportunity to review it before proceeding with the work on-site. Once all of the parties have agreed on who is going to be responsible for the work, we would draw up a contract with the preferred contractor.

Our Services For Remedial Tender Processing

Before commencing any rectification work, MJ Engineering Projects implements a tendering process. During the tendering process, we ensure that the tenders we receive from potential contractors will be processed in a timely and efficient manner. Various contractors submit their tenders. MJ Engineering Projects evaluates them based on their experience, capability, track record, and price.

If a proper tender process is not undertaken, it is common for the contractor’s tender to be too high or too low for the required rectification work to be carried out. The tendering process is flexible, and it typically corresponds with the level of experience of the contractor. A proper tendering process would ensure that all prices submitted by the contractor reflect the technical specification and contractual obligations specified by MJ Engineering Projects.

Each contractor has certain prequalifying factors that would be considered during the tender process before they can begin providing services, such as validating the amount of time it will take to complete the project, confirming compliance of safe work practices, supplying equipment, securing permission from third parties and other factors.

MJ Engineering Projects would also be able to negotiate any concerns relating to the contractor’s submission on behalf of the client. If required, the revised tender would be returned to the client for approval.  MJ Engineering Projects ensures that all quotes from contractors are fair and encompass all aspects of the rectification works at a reasonable price in order to serve the client’s best interest.

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