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The importance of a building inspection cannot be overstated. A safety inspection identifies construction defects as well as those related to exposure or use. It is MJ Engineering Projects’ responsibility to provide a detailed report on any findings of diagnostic investigations to our clients in the form of an inspection report. In an inspection report, any defects or deficiencies found in the building will be highlighted, along with a recommendation if it has been identified. Building defects that have been observed and that are predicted to worsen in the future will be recommended to asset owners as a method of rectifying.

As a leading provider of building inspection services, MJ Engineering Projects is committed to providing the highest level of quality. During our building inspection, we provide you with a detailed condition report that provides all the pertinent information about the property, so you are aware of its condition. Furthermore, we provide dilapidation reports, which are comprehensive inspections and written building reports of the current state of the property. In this way, homeowners are able to take proper precautions and gain an understanding of the current state of their dwelling.

Having confidence and peace of mind is possible with our experience and expertise. To meet the varying needs of inspections, our engineers have developed specialised expertise and customised approaches.

Types Of Building Inspection Reports

With over fifteen years of remedial work experience, MJ Engineering Projects can recognize and solve any building defect. In addition to providing our clients with Building Inspection Reports in Wollongong, MJ Engineering Project also provides comprehensive lists of items that are categorised depending on their potential safety implications to ensure our client is able to best assess building repair solutions.

A few building defects that we are able to assist with include:

Cladding and Fire Protection

Our expert inspectors are well-versed when it comes to all types of cladding materials. We can determine if your building is fitted with polyethene, metal, hard-coat aluminium, pre-finished steel, or cementitious composite panels. We’ll also assess the fire-stopping system incorporated in your building for compliance purposes.

Concrete Spalling

The concrete surfaces could be severely pitted or disintegrated due to spalling that needs to be addressed before it gets worse. Our inspectors have undergone extensive training and have years of experience in spalling remediation which is why you should always call us to assess the integrity of these areas in your property.

Façade Rejuvenation

Causes of water penetration and efflorescence to the facade can be assessed. Also, aesthetical feedback which can uplift your property can be suggested to give your building a spic-and-span appearance that looks fresh.

Magnesite Flooring

Your property might have this kind of flooring material that is porous and susceptible to salt damage and concrete spalling. Our inspectors are able to conduct both non and/or destructive testing to determine the extent of corrosion. The findings will be documented in our condition report so you’ll know what your next steps should be.


We’ve got the expertise to determine whether the waterproofing system installed on your property in areas such as; membrane roofing, planter boxes, basement perimeter walls, balconies are suitable and compliant.

If building defects are left unattended, the problem could aggravate to the sum of hundreds of thousands of dollars of repair work. We are able to recommend short to long term methods of rectification to ensure that the problem is either contained or resolved permanently. In addition to the above, we are able to provide inspection services for cracks, balcony repair, façade rejuvenation and BCA compliance. If you’d like to schedule a Building Inspection report or Dilapidation report, then send us an inquiry or call us now.

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