Balustrade Replacement

Balustrade Replacement Services

Prior to repair, it is crucial to first determine if your balustrade is compliant with the building code of Australia (BCA)MJ Engineering Projects are experienced in determining non-compliant balustrades that pose safety concerns and provide solutions for repair in a manner that is both compliant with Australian Standards and cost-effective.

Reasons To Upgrade Your Balustrades

Material damage, balustrade modernization and building code requirements are all reasons why balcony balustrades need to be replaced. A new look can be given to your property by replacing worn out, rotting or rusting parts or by replacing the balustrade railings for balcony designs and styles. Balustrades don’t just add style, they also serve as safety barriers. Glass balustrades are the epitome of beauty, and wood balustrades combine the natural beauty of wood with the sharpness of metal for a balustrade that can protect someone from injuries if they fall. Therefore, you should consult a remedial engineer to check if you need a balustrade replacement.

Balcony balustrades, staircases, and balustrade railings provide homeowners with the opportunity to upgrade their homes. You don’t have to tear down the handrails or newels on your existing balcony or staircase to replace your balustrades. Replacement of an ageing or damaged balustrade can be an inexpensive and quick solution. A glass balustrade provides safety while adding value to your stairway or balcony with a sleek modern appearance.

Common safety issues that are non-compliant with Australian Standards include:

  1. Balustrades should be 1 meter from the finished surface level
  2. A maximum spacing of 125 millimetres between balusters/openings for young occupants’ safety
  3. Single skin brick balustrades are non-compliant and pose a safety concern

Residential and commercial properties can have their balustrades designed in accordance with legislation and replaced by MJ Engineering Projects. Customized solutions for both commercial and residential property owners can be offered to suit your personal taste and budget. Choose from a wide variety of framed and frameless balustrades to match your architectural style.

The Remedial Balustrade Replacement in Newcastle that MJ Engineering Projects provides include metal, aluminium, brick and glass balustrade replacements, balcony balustrade replacements, balustrade railing replacements, and parapet safety screen replacements. We offer a wide variety of options to fit everyone’s needs and validate the cost to replace the balcony railing through tender processing.

Whether you have an apartment building or commercial complex, MJ Engineering Projects have the expertise and knowledge to restore your balcony and balustrades to a safe state. The cost to replace the balcony railing can be best achieved if the correct specification and tender process is conducted.

Our Services For Balustrade Replacement

Due to noncompliant balustrades, MJ Engineering Projects has been involved in the replacement of unsafe balustrades. Many balconies, rooftop areas, and other building components built decades ago do not comply with current BCA standards and pose a risk to building occupants, visitors, and the general public.

Balustrade replacement and repair standards must be met by all stakeholders in order to guarantee safety for everyone. MJ Engineering Projects are able to identify unsafe balustrades and provide recommendations on how to rectify the problem within the budget of our clients. This includes recommendations to prevent tenants from potential injury as well as to prevent asset owners from having legal action brought against them as a consequence.

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