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All You Need To Know About Waterproofing Membranes

Water leaks are one of the most annoying and damaging issues that you can encounter in your home. It might start with a simple and slow roof leak or some water leaking under the wall, but if not checked properly it can lead to major structural issues.

In this post, we cover the most important aspects of the topic, including how to choose the best waterproofing membrane in Australia and who to call when you need the problem to be solved fast and effectively.

What Are The Different Types Of Waterproofing Membranes?

Knowing the different types of waterproofing membranes is essential for determining how to stop water leaking through a wall during rain.

Whether you feel like applying the best waterproofing membrane in Australia by yourself or letting a team of skilled remedial engineers assist, learning how waterproofing membranes work and how to choose the most appropriate one are crucial steps.

To begin, we must define what a waterproofing membrane is. Essentially, it is a layer of water-tight materials that are installed on the top of a surface to prevent water damage and leaks. They are installed on the outside of a property/building and consist of pre-formed sheets or a liquid, depending on the one you choose.

There are different types of waterproofing membranes to stop water leaking under walls and roofs but it is important to understand the best waterproofing membrane to use in certain situations. Here we gathered them in a list with a brief description of each.

  • Polymer-Modified Bitumen Membrane. An effective and long-lasting waterproofing membrane solution in the form of sheets.
  • Thermoplastic Membrane. This membrane contains a mix of chemicals and materials that absorbs UV rays. It is very resistant to weather fluctuations as well as punctures and ruptures.
  • Self-Adhesive Modified Bituminous Membrane. It comes with a thin film of paper which you peel off to let the membrane self-adhere to the surface. If applied properly, it can help stop water leaking through the wall during rain.

    Other waterproofing membranes include chemical grouting to seal concrete structures, polyurethane membranes, bituminous membranes (asphalt), and EPDM membranes. Given the wide selection of waterproofing membranes available, it is very important to ensure that the best waterproofing membrane is chosen for the certain situation.

Common Waterproofing Failures You Should Be Aware Of

Waterproofing can go wrong in so many ways and compromise your safety and the structure of your property if the best waterproofing membrane, workmanship and methodology is not correct.

From applying the membrane poorly to not following the required balcony waterproofing Australian standard, there are some common waterproofing failures you should be aware of.

Firstly, we have poor surface preparation, which we can see this case in the self-installation of membranes or when hiring people that is not suitable for the job.

Properly preparing the surface where the waterproofing membrane will go is a crucial part of the process. If not done as instructed, it can lead to membrane failures that end up not stopping water from leaking under the wall and other issues. Further, workmanship is another important thing to consider when considering waterproofing a surface.

Poor detailing and not paying attention to junction points can result in an ineffective membrane. In this case, you’ll have lost a lot of money and time and your roof and walls will continue to leak.

Continuing with another failure in certain waterproofing materials has to do with adhesive issues. For a waterproofing membrane to “stick” to the surface you need to apply the proper adhesive in the correct ways and conditions, plus, following the Australian standard.

According to the balcony waterproofing Australian standard, before applying any membrane a professional should test the dryness of the surface thus to avoid moisture issues once the waterproofing has been applied.

Finally, the last mistake (on this list) involves the incorrect selection of materials for waterproofing a surface. This can also be linked to poor preparation and adhesive problems.

Selecting the best waterproofing membrane in Australia for your surface is highly important to ensure you can finally top water leaking under the wall and other areas.

The Importance Of Conducting Repairs Compliant With Relevant Standards

We cannot stress enough how important it is to conduct repairs compliant with Australian regulations and standards. They ensure the safety of people conducting the repairs as well as of the property. Further, regulations help prevent accidents and make sure the job is well done (when done properly as well).

Learning some basic regulations is key to choosing the best waterproofing membrane according to your budget and needs, and most importantly, helps you hire the most skilled and professional team of remedial engineers.

Not following the balcony waterproofing Australian standard as well as other standards can increase the chances of having an unsafe area, as well as a poorly-applied waterproofing membrane. This can lead to major damage to a house’s foundation and can end up in a disaster, not to mention how unsafe a home can become.

You don’t need to know every single paragraph of the waterproofing practices in Australia for building construction manuals, but learning a few things can come in handy. Especially for not engaging non compliant and poor workmanship, as well as understanding why sometimes paying a bit more for a job well done can make all the difference.

Why Hiring Remedial Engineers Is The Best Way To Waterproof Your Home

As we’ve mentioned in the article, hiring a skilled team of professionals is always recommended to ensure best waterproofing membrane and processes are conducted.

Remedial engineers know the Australian code and standards from start to finish and can help guide you throughout the waterproofing process as well as aid in selecting the best waterproofing membrane according to your property, budget, and needs.

Hiring professionals is a great way to assess the status of your home, including its foundations, and evaluate if further damage has been made. Whether you’re experiencing water leaking through a wall during rain or something else, they can determine if the problem has reached another level and the best way to solve it.

MJ Engineering can assist in all your waterproofing membrane needs as well as any superintendent duties you need to fulfill. Here you can learn more about our remedial waterproofing repair services and the remedial superintendent services as well.

Contact us for more information about how we can help you. Our team will be happy to clear any doubts you may have.


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