Common Areas of Concern for Strata Waterproofing Issues

Over the last decade, MJ Engineering has seen a large amount of issues relating to strata waterproofing.

Managers of residential and commercial strata properties are responsible for the upkeep of the building and the security of the tenants, including complete waterproofing solutions.

MJ Engineering’s strata waterproofing guide below talks about the most common waterproofing problematic areas in commercial and residential strata.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs do not have the slope necessary to drain rain naturally. For this reason, it’s crucial to design a solution accounting for proper drainage. Without such measures, your roof will likely become a dumping ground after a storm.

Persistent pooling can deteriorate your waterproofing membrane, and if water has nowhere to go except downwards, it can leak into the ceiling through any available crevices.

Poor membrane installation, clogged drains, blistering on the surface, and flashing failures due to inadequate priming or installation are potential issues that affect roof waterproofing. Extreme weather conditions could accelerate ordinary wear and tear on your waterproofing membrane.

Mould, efflorescence, and concrete spalling are just some of the problems that water ingress from your roof can bring if it goes undiagnosed and untreated.


With exposure to rainfall and storm, balconies are a common source of water damage without proper waterproofing. With the right quantity and size of drains, your waterproofing solution should direct water away from the building’s exterior.

To ensure the tiles or other layers above the membrane remain watertight:

  1. Select the appropriate waterproofing membrane
  2. Use appropriate substrate layers
  3. Use suitable coatings for repair

Mould, flaking paint, fractures, or crumbling plaster are all signs that water has seeped into a wall from a balcony and is not draining correctly. 


Due to their underground location, basements are prone to humidity and water damage from groundwater seepage. This issue could worsen due to heightened pressure or an elevated water table following heavy rainfall.

Building managers may find the cause of basement problems is due to broken or damaged pipes or water leakage because of insufficient waterproofing in other parts of the structure.

You will find that waterproofing problems are accompanied by:

  1. Mould growth
  2. Rust spots on metal
  3. Peeling paint
  4. Crumbling plaster
  5. Rotting wood 
  6. Fading floors

Brick, concrete, and clay tiles are all susceptible to efflorescence, a buildup of mineral deposits that looks like a white powdery coating.

Along with water seepage, age is a common cause of vertical fissures in basement walls. These cracks should be managed immediately because they indicate pressure on the other side.

Strata Waterproofing Done Properly

MJ Engineering Projects has formulated procedures to guarantee that their strata, commercial, civil, and government clients receive effective waterproofing services. We handle every aspect from start to finish., including the following:

  1. Professional diagnosis using our expertise and cutting-edge equipment
  2. Providing a detailed site inspection report
  3. Designing a waterproofing solution specific to the circumstances
  4. Conducting the tender process on behalf of the owners corporation and project managing the repair works end-to-end.

For all any strata waterproofing needs, you can trust MJ Engineering Projects. Get in touch with us for strata waterproofing to keep your residents and property safe.

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