All About Concrete Balcony Deterioration

Concrete balcony deterioration is widespread in coastal areas, but lack of maintenance and proper assessment can become a risk for many. If you’re looking for information regarding concrete balcony deterioration, this article will come in handy. Below you can read about the signs and causes of concrete balcony deterioration as well as how to repair it according to its level of damage and the best repairing solutions for a top-class result to ensure your and others’ safety.

Signs of Concrete Balcony Deterioration

The most common signs of concrete balcony deterioration include corroded railings, rust stains, peeling coatings, cracked concrete, peeling paint as well as sealant failure.

Rust stains, salt stains, and cracks can produce the concrete to crack and crumble, which happens when the steel within the concrete is exposed to oxygen and expands.

As for corroded railings, it could be due to something as simple as a loosened screw or something more significant like a structural issue. At least once a year, you should have an outside safety check performed by a certified structural engineer. The material utilised could also affect the balcony railing’s condition. Rust and corrosion are unavoidable when steel railings are used on balconies and are exposed to salt (in coastal areas) or dampness. It’s nearly impossible to stop corrosion once it starts.

MJ Engineering Projects offers top-class comprehensive Balcony Repair Services in North Shore for both commercial and residential customers, including proper diagnostic investigation of the issue, recommendations of repair methodology, materials and costs to ensure concrete balcony deterioration is repaired in the most cost-effective manner.

Causes of Concrete Balcony Deterioration

There are a few causes of concrete balcony deterioration that result in your balcony peeling, cracking, and even crumbling. It is advisable to call a professional team of consultant engineers for a proper assessment of damage as well as to recommend effective courses of action to solve the problem.

To begin, waterproofing is perhaps the most common cause of balcony deterioration. If your balcony’s slab tops and sides are not properly coated or waterproofed, it will have a substantially shorter lifespan. Concrete might be more prone to moisture, freezing, and thawing if it is not waterproofed.

Next on the list, we have sealant. The interfaces where the balcony joins your home or building, as well as where the railing posts attach, require special attention and care. If the right sealant is not applied, the adjacent materials are more exposed and vulnerable to harm. Touching up these spots from time to time is a good idea.

Rust is another common cause of concrete balcony deterioration, in which rebar that has rusted, become exposed, or is towards the top of the balcony’s surface might cause problems and accelerate the deterioration process.

Finally, cracks or cavities in the balcony slab should be filled as soon as possible. If left ignored, they will grow faster and cause structural problems. Even if the fracture appears to be minor, it must be repaired before it might worsen.

Types Of Repair Solutions For Balconies

There are different types of repair solutions for concrete balcony deterioration depending on their condition such as non-compliant balustrades, structurally unsound balconies, and inadequate waterproofing systems.

As for non-compliant balustrades, balustrades are not only decorative but also act as safety barriers. Modern styles combine wood balustrades with metal for a balustrade that can protect someone from injury if they fall. Balcony balustrades must be updated for a variety of reasons, including material degradation, balustrade modernisation, and building code requirements.

MJ Engineering Projects provides quality Balustrade Replacement Services that are compliant with the building code of Australia (BCA) to ensure safety for all. We are qualified to identify dangerous balustrades and suggest ideas for how to fix the problem within our clients’ budgets.

Structurally unsound balconies can be quickly spotted due to the visible signs of cracks, microcracks, blisters, spalling, and scaling, among others. The cavities can be repaired with concrete, mortar, grout, epoxy, or another patching solution once the unsound concrete has been removed. Furthermore, naturally occurring voids in concrete should be filled to ensure long term structural integrity.

Lastly, inadequate waterproofing systems might lead to ceiling leaks in the long run, especially if moist spots gather during the rainy season. This can compromise the integrity of the edifice’s structure and lead to further damage. To correct this, a proper waterproofing solution is needed.

Balcony repair costs depend on the type of work required. Waterproofing, re-tiling, and balustrade replacement all have varying costs.

Who’s Responsible For Repairing Balconies In A Strata Scheme & How Much Does It Cost?

Balcony structural features attached at the time of strata plan registration are considered common property. As a result, the owners’ company or bodies corporate are responsible for the repair and upkeep of balconies.

The cost of balcony repairs is determined by the type of work required. Waterproofing, re-tiling, and replacing the balustrade all have different costs. Before you begin your balcony repairs, you should hire a remedial engineer to estimate the extent of the damage and how much it will cost to restore it, as well as to offer a technical specification for the materials and methodology that will be used.

MJ Engineering Projects is fully qualified to assess concrete balcony deterioration and assist with viable solutions for your specific problem according to your budget.

How MJ Engineering Projects Can Help

MJ Engineering Projects is a Sydney-based remedial works consultancy focused on the successful completion of remedial repair projects.

We provide clients with excellent Remedial Superintendent Services, which ensures that the contracted work is executed according to specifications, within budget, and on time; Balustrade Replacement Services, which identifies non-compliant balustrades that constitute a safety risk and proposes repair options that are both compatible with Australian Standards and cost-effective; as well as Balcony Repair Services, which allows us to assess and determine the damage of an existing balcony and the best approaches for repairing them.

Contact us for further details to see how we can help your building and feel free to take a look at our site for more information about our services.


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