Five Ways to Improve Waterproofing Quality

The construction industry offers an array of waterproofing systems for designers and installers to cater to project specifications. 

Choices may be constrained if the client lacks a thorough understanding of their proficiencies and shortcomings. For this reason, designing and choosing a suitable waterproofing system is imperative to guarantee the top-notch waterproofing quality, a factor that significantly influences the overall standard of waterproofing services. 

The meticulous application of design standards and practices in compliance with the industry guidelines ultimately shapes the excellence of these services.

Ineffective waterproofing can be costly to the owner and tenants of a building; therefore, construction stakeholders must implement quality improvement techniques to avoid such a situation. Quality waterproofing is improved in many ways, each tailored to the specific installation phase and the available waterproofing materials. 

Here are five effective methods for improving waterproofing quality:

1. Design Specifications 

The design specifications of waterproofing systems should be done by a professional waterproofing engineer who deeply understands the inherent strengths and weaknesses of waterproofing materials. 

The procedure for selecting these materials should prioritise providing high-quality products, all while considering the full spectrum of environmental conditions known to experts in the field.

Since the design process must be consistently conscious of varying parameters, adherence to relevant industry standards is essential for maintaining quality. To validate such conformity in design, the documentation must also incorporate a program for quality control. 

Inspection protocols included within this documentation ensure that the document’s stated objectives are effectively met.

2. The Installation Process

Only licensed waterproofing professionals who have received the required training should install the materials specified in the design specification/documentation. Field verification of the design is required to ensure that the workmanship adheres to the initial design criterion. 

It is imperative to conduct regular inspections based on a set schedule or proportional percentage of the construction progress. This allows for the maintenance of systematic oversight over the ongoing construction activities.

The inspection should occur before installing the topping, overburden, backfill, or concrete pour so repair, replacement, or correction can occur for damaged or nonconforming components.

To ensure the effectiveness of quality control inspections, the company in charge of quality control inspections should have a solid reputation and extensive knowledge of the relevant field.

3. Assurance

A warranty ensures that a faulty system’s repair will occur within a specified time frame. Waterproofing materials with a warranty are more likely to be high quality because the manufacturer does not want to incur the additional costs associated with maintenance.  

Improper product installation will almost certainly void the warranty. A proactive waterproofing quality control programme should focus on common installation issues that lead to unnecessary waterproofing installations.

4. Pre-construction Meeting

This pre-waterproofing installation meeting would cover the following topics: 

  1. Sequencing
  2. Construction techniques
  3. Waterproofing materials
  4. Design criteria. 

Because it includes quality assurance plans, it also ensures that the project is eligible for a warranty.  

The manufacturer’s representatives focus on the following: 

  1. Installation guidelines
  2. Reporting criteria
  3. Applicable corrective actions for nonconformance
  4. Acceptable substrate conditions.

There will be an opportunity for discussion about evaluation and a review of the sequencing and interface between trades, which improves clarity and the overall success of the project.

5. Reports and Summary

The report should cover all aspects of the activities, including any flaws that the inspector believes could jeopardise the waterproofing system’s integrity. There will be the inclusion of installation photographs in the report, along with the following:

  1. Date and time of the inspection
  2. Weather conditions
  3. Inspector’s name
  4. Any nonconformance actions.

Rework or repair may be used to provide a permanent solution for the nonconforming section.  The report details the installation procedure’s flaws and successes, which can be used to inform future projects of the best waterproofing systems.

These techniques have the potential to improve quality, but their effectiveness is dependent on the individual’s decision-making knowledge. Choosing the best materials or inspection firm can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the market and the trends that shape current materials.

With every project being different, MJ Engineering Projects team works closely with each client to design a customised quality control plan.

Do you want to improve the quality of your waterproofing project? Give us a call today.

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