Strata waterproofing – who is responsible?

Strata managers, tasked with handling all administrative and facilities management functions, often require various building maintenance and construction specialisations. Among these diverse needs, strata waterproofing stands as one crucial service. 

When it comes to effective, long-lasting waterproofing solutions, the waterproofing engineers need to have the knowledge and experience to identify and help resolve any problem, from minor leaks to catastrophic ones like concrete spalling or cancer. 

MJ Engineering Projects’ comprehensive project management services extend from initial problem analysis to remedial project management and preventative upkeep after completing a job.

Understanding the Scope and Its Role in Waterproofing Solutions

So, what do we mean by ‘scope’? Essentially, a scope is a professional report that pinpoints the specific problem(s) and outlines the detailed repair work needed. This report is crucial in helping you engage the right tradesmen or contractors to bid for any waterproofing job. 

In other words, a well-defined scope ensures that we recruit professionals who understand and can fully address your unique waterproofing requirements. 

The quality and success of a tender significantly depend on the details outlined in the scope. 

The consultant or engineer drafting the scope is expected to deeply understand the problem and its solution. This means they must fully comprehend the issue at hand and possess the knowledge to remediate it effectively.

Before making a final recommendation, they often put the tender out to three or four contractors. They will provide you with a report and recommendations to take to the Executive Committee of your stratum.

The importance of the recommended scope

Understanding the scope can save strata companies and owners corporations considerable time and effort. However, if you opt to bypass the engineer’s recommended waterproofer or decide to issue tenders independently to cut costs, you may struggle to find the right professionals. 

Some contractors may alter the work scope to reduce costs, potentially jeopardising the success of the waterproofing plan.

An incorrect scope may also have consequences for subsequent work, which must be considered. For instance, when it comes to remediation efforts, the most frequent reason things fall apart is the gap between what was initially expected and the reality of the results. 

If the waterproofing service offered to you is too cheap and doesn’t meet the specifications laid forth in the initial scope, it won’t work. We’ve helped strata managers in the past who have been dealing with such an issue.

The inevitability of full waterproofing

It’s not uncommon for a strata manager or property owner to look for a quick fix.

When residents or other stakeholders are affected, we know you need the job done quickly but are hesitant to spend too much money on a seemingly insignificant problem.

Beyond our quick turnaround and adaptable service, MJ Engineering Projects emphasises quality and proactive foresight. We understand that minor issues can often signal larger underlying problems, a fact strata managers and property owners should note. For example, what seems like mere flaking concrete could be hiding serious concrete cancer.

Also worth noting is that when something isn’t fixed properly or improved upon, it will deteriorate. Waterproofing repairs that are put off usually result in major structural problems, which means more work eventually that is likely to take more time and cost more money.

Duty of the strata manager

With decades of experience under our belt, we at MJ Engineering know the ins and outs of all the standards and regulations related to waterproofing. Rest assured, we consistently adhere to them.

We guide strata managers with the information they may not be aware of, such as the need to report to insurance companies after completing any building works on an apartment complex.

Our team also reminds them that repairs and renovations to a structure are recorded in the strata’s permanent history, which can affect the value of a unit down the road. 

With this knowledge, it’s valuable to get professional help with waterproofing when you notice a problem to demonstrate responsible treatment and maintenance of the building.

From Problem Diagnose To Implementation and Beyond

Strata managers don’t have to become waterproofing experts, but it may be good to have some familiarity with the topic to know what to expect when reading a scope of work.

For strata properties, high-end residences, civil, government, and building projects, MJ Engineering Projects is your go-to team for waterproofing consulting and solutions. From a dripping balcony to a flooded basement to widespread concrete cancer, it’s all within our scope of expertise.

Protect the value and condition of your building by contacting the MJ Engineering Projects team today.

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