Understanding end-to-end waterproofing project management

While quality is undeniably crucial, an efficient and cost-effective waterproofing project relies on a number of factors, not solely limited to high-quality workmanship.

At MJ Engineering Projects, we have been in the industry for years and truly understand how even the smallest details matter regarding waterproofing. If you want to safeguard your property, prevent tenant disruptions, and avoid unnecessary project delays, it’s crucial to plan and execute your waterproofing work thoroughly.

When it comes to waterproofing projects in strata, civil, commercial, or government sectors, end-to-end waterproofing project management offers four notable advantages, which we will explore in this blog post.

Easily Applied Methods of Waterproofing

With our extensive experience in water leak detection, solution design, remediation, waterproofing, and preventative maintenance, MJ Engineering projects have the knowledge to seamlessly manage every aspect of your waterproofing project. 

Our expertise shines in providing exceptional guidance on waterproofing membranes and delivering valuable advice on post-project maintenance.

We eliminate the need for you to coordinate scheduling with multiple contractors, saving you time and making it easier to manage the project timeline.

With a single point of contact, you can be confident we deliver the following for your peace of mind:

  1. Keep you updated on the job status
  2. Inform you of the completion date
  3. let you know if any issues arise
  4. Manage your waterproofing project from the beginning to the end.


Meticulous Attention to Detail for Project Completion

Any issue with waterproofing, be it a minor leak or significant deterioration of concrete, can significantly affect the tenancy of a building. As part of our comprehensive project management approach, we prioritise keeping the building management and all tenants informed of any changes in a timely manner.

We ensure your waterproofing project is completed on schedule and within the planned budget by carefully monitoring each stage of the procedure. We take care of everything from renting cranes to obtaining the necessary approvals from the city to shutting down traffic so that heavy goods can be lifted easily. 

For some projects, we hire abseilers to fix concrete cancer that has spread to the exteriors of the buildings.

During a project, to make the area accessible, debris is cleared away, and air conditioners and other pieces of machinery are turned off and on as necessary.

In addition, we provide site safety inductions for your property manager or the strata representative and prepare all safe work practices in advance. Once the project has concluded, our team gives our client a complete report and meticulously cleans the area before handing off the project.

Assuring quality workmanship

The most efficient method by which MJ Engineering Projects can provide a long lasting waterproofing solution is by seeing the project from beginning to end. 

Also, our team works with the contractors to make use of the most advanced tools, materials, and techniques in their role for quality finishes.

The MJ Engineering Projects team is exceptionally skilled at managing projects from the very beginning to the very end. Get in contact with us if you want a waterproofing project to be managed to the highest standard.

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