What Is Magnesite Flooring And How It Can Worsen Concrete Cancer And Concrete Spalling?

If your edifice was built during the 60s and 80s, it probably has magnesite flooring, and it can be pretty damaged by now. This can result in serious damage to the structure of your building and a risk of collision if not taken care of properly. If this is your case, the following article will come in handy.

Below you can read all about Magnesite flooring and how it can worsen concrete spalling and concrete cancer, as well as the best solution for an effective and affordable fix.

What Is Magnesite Flooring?

Magnesite flooring is commonly found in homes built between the 60s and 80s and consists of Magnesium Oxychloride, a white asbestos material, placed on top of concrete floors that later resulted in pink and red-coloured finishes. In essence, Magnesite Oxychloride solutions featured several fillers like sawdust and asbestos and were typically applied in 10-25mm thick layers, sometimes more than one.

The thing with this material is that it is very prone to dampness and suffering alterations due to such, so if moisture was present in the environment it was very likely that the flooring would be damaged. Chlorides from the magnesite may migrate into the concrete below, corroding any reinforcement as well as gas and water pipes, provoking serious harm to the structure of your floor which could end in expensive repairs.

Consequences Of Magnesite Flooring

Floors made from Magnesite have more chances of suffering water damage since they are not moisture-proof. When this happens, the chlorides in the magnesite flooring sweep into the concrete beneath the topcoat when and if the corrosion is severe enough, it can damage the floor’s reinforcements too. Magnesite is water-soluble, which means that if it is exposed to enough water, it will always return to its original state.

Because magnesite is a flexible substance, it is not suited for being easily smoothed with a smoothing compound. It’s also not recommended for use with certain kinds of surface coverings. A flexible covering, such as a carpet, can be used satisfactorily, but if a more durable covering is chosen, issues are likely to arise.

Because magnesite was commonly utilised in older homes, it is possible that your magnesite floor is in poor condition and is beginning to exhibit symptoms of wear and tear. If this is the case, the best option is to remove the old material and replace it with something more durable.

How Does Concrete Cancer / Spalling Worsen Due To Magnesite Flooring?

Magnesite topping screeds are currently thought to constitute a hazard to a building’s fabric’s structural integrity, and if left untreated after a single flood or other saturation events, might result in complete structural failure through collapse.

The relationship between Magnesite flooring and concrete spalling/cancer is rather simple. Because magnesite absorbs water and provokes the oxychloride to dissolve at the top, it leeches to the reinforcement steel bars on the floor and corrodes them, which can cause the concrete to expand up to 7 times the volume of the steel originally.

Responsibility In Strata Scheme: Who Should Pay For Magnesite Floor Repairing Services?

Whether the magnesite is lot property or common property will determine who is responsible for repairing the harm. Magnesite flooring is normally common property, and as such, the owners’ corporation is usually responsible for repairing the damaged concrete slabs.

Because concrete cancer will eventually cause structural concerns, repairs to damaged concrete must be completed as soon as feasible. Any delay will only result in more harm and, as a result, higher costs and danger for the corporation’s shareholders.

How To Deal And Repair Magnesite Flooring

Magnesite flooring can become a tedious struggle, but engaging with a proper magnesite flooring repair services company can be of great help. To ensure that the propagation of corrosion is halted and the chlorides inside the concrete matrix are removed, a typical repair approach would comprise removing the layer of magnesite and grinding back any impacted concrete, then installing cathodic protection or patch repair work.

MJ Engineering Projects offers quality and certified services and advice to help you repair your flooring and avoid possible inconveniences that can end up costing a fortune. With years of experience and knowledge, we’re ready to assist you in providing proper identification, diagnosis, and repairing of concrete spalling/cancer due to Magnesite flooring.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Magnesite Flooring?

The cost to fix this issue can range depending on the size and severity of damages but could range between $30,000 for an apartment on the low side to over $100,000 today, taking into account considerable water damage and concrete spalling/cancer due to the situation not being controlled before. Regardless, it is still a repair you must do to ensure the structure of your edifice stays in proper conditions.

If you require magnesite floor repairs, MJ Engineering Projects can guide you through the entire process. It is very important to hire a proper company to guarantee that all onsite techniques, materials, and work are compliant with the BCA and other relevant requirements.

MJ Engineering Projects offers several solutions to this problem, which consists of top-quality Magnesite flooring repairing, to take care of your floors and control any damage done and further to be done, and remedial superintendent services for carrying out rectification works and structural repairings on behalf of the Owners Corporation to make sure everything is handled according to specifications agreed.

MJ Engineering Projects Is Your Best Solution

We provide owners with an affordable and quality solution for all Magnesite flooring and concrete cancer/spalling issues your building might be having. With a team of experienced engineers, we’re proud to ensure the best remedial services that can ensure your and others’ safety.

Take a look at our detailed proposal for Magnesite flooring repairing services as well as our remedial superintendent services for further information. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts and if you want to have a personalised quote for your edifice.


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