How to stop water ingress through brickwork

There are many potential sources of water damage beyond your roof. For instance, your walls also have to manage water when it rains. Most of the rainfall is typically managed at the top of your property, but if your structures, particularly the walls, are not waterproof, they may eventually let rain seep in. This could subsequently result in a host of issues.

Continue reading to discover how to apply a sealant to your brick walls, preventing water from infiltrating your property through the crevices.

How Does Water Seep Through Brick Walls?

When water penetrates brick walls, resolving some of the issues is vital before the situation gets worse:

Fix Cracks

The first step is to render cracks that shield the brickwork. As a first line of defence for the structure of exterior walls, water can seep through and progressively weaken broken or fractured brickwork..

Deteriorated mortar

In brickwork, the joints or spaces between the bricks are filled with mortar using a pointing tool. Brick walls mortared this way are more attractive and prevent water from seeping through brickwork gaps. A fracture or wear and tear in the mortar may allow rain to enter a building which is commonly known as water ingress.

Rain & Wind

Rain blown towards your house by the wind can cause considerable flooding. The horizontal velocity causes brickwork to be soaked, which may lead to water seepage into the structure over time.

Strategies to Stop Water Penetration into Brickwork

If you want to find out how to stop water from leaking through brick walls, one method is to find the problem spot, such as cracked render or mortar. Then taking the following measures:

  1. Repairing cracked render 
  2. Repointing brickwork 
  3. Exterior water-resistant coating

If your brickwork is applied with exterior water-resistant coating, it will be completely protected from the outside environment by a thin layer of natural cork in spray form. No matter how hard it rains, water cannot make its way through easily.

Engaging with a waterproofing consultant in Sydney

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How to stop water ingress through brickwork

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How to stop water ingress through brickwork

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