Building Maintenance In AWA Tower

MJ Engineering Projects Sydney Remedial York Street AWA Tower

Building Maintenance In AWA Tower

Remedial Building Maintenance In AWA Tower

MJ Engineering Projects has a wealth of experience conducting building maintenance and remedial works on high-rise towers as well as heritage buildings. We were given the opportunity to work on the AWA tower, which presented a number of unique challenges due to its history and location. Works were successfully completed by MJ Engineering Projects within the agreed timeframe and budget for the project.

The team’s expertise and knowledge have ensured that every step of the construction process is done as safely as possible for both workers and residents. The project was completed to the satisfaction of our clients. For building maintenance or remedial work, MJ Engineering Projects is a reliable and experienced team you can count on.


AWA tower Project Description:

MJ Engineering Projects were involved in the remedial building maintenance management of the historical AWA tower at York Street, Sydney. There were large sections of steel columns and beams supporting the structure, along with 12 floors highly utilised for commercial purposes. As this building is heritage listed, it was necessary to establish comprehensive discussions with the Sydney city council, as well as the heritage council, to ensure that the works would not negatively affect its historical value. It was damaged due to missing and deteriorating brickwork mortar, rusted steel window frames, spalling concrete, lack of water tightness, and other minor facade issues.


Scope of Works

The remedial maintenance superintendent contract was awarded to MJ Engineering Projects for the AWA tower building located in Sydney. A reputable contractor who specialises in remedial work was elected to carry out the full scope of work through a competitive tender process.

MJ Engineering Projects was appointed by the client to act as the Superintendent in order to ensure quality workmanship was carried out according to the technical specification. As a result, the construction has been successfully completed and the building was restored to its former glory.

Various locations around the building facade had been exhibiting widespread concrete spalling, on inspection by MJ Engineering Projects, it was identified that concrete had been carbonated to the level of reinforcement. Consequently, the quality of steel reinforcement had degraded and was prone to falling apart.

It was decided to remove the carbonated concrete and conduct patch repair during the remedial maintenance works. With the patch repair work, any future carbonation of the concrete will be prevented and there will be no further deterioration of the concrete.

This remedial building maintenance work included the following:

  1. Repointing of brickwork facade
  2. Rectification of cementitious chamfer
  3. Rectification of brickwork cracks
  4. Rectification of steel windows
  5. Application of sealant around window frames
  6. Repair of concrete spalling

Client’s Feedback

We are pleased with our client’s good response to remedial building maintenance services in AWA Tower, which has been well received by tenants and management. Among the notable traits that impressed everyone were punctuality, professionalism, and attention to detail. Our goal is to maintain this level of service and meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

The safety of our clients is always our number one priority when it comes to remedial building maintenance. The materials and equipment used by our team are only of the highest quality, and all our team members have been trained and certified in accordance with all safety regulations. In addition to the above, we have a wealth of experience coping with tight deadlines and last-minute changes, so you can be confident that we will always meet your needs.

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