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Building Maintenance In Wollstonecraft

Remedial Building Maintenance In Wollstonecraft

As a remedial building maintenance company, MJ Engineering Projects has a lot of experience in the field. Whether your building has a problem or you have a concern, we can take care of it quickly and effectively by using the skills and knowledge we have. Whether it is fixing leaks and cracks, or restoring damaged surfaces to their original state, we can handle all of it. In addition to our building maintenance services, we also offer a number of inspections and emergency repair services.

So, whenever a building maintenance issue arises, you can always depend on us for immediate assistance. Listed below is a case study of one of our remedial building maintenance projects at Wollstonecraft.


Wollstonecraft Project Description

MJ Engineering Projects worked on a project located in Wollstonecraft, involving a residential building that had a variety of faults. These faults included lack of water tightness, deterioration of windows, failures to the roof membrane, as well as other minor issues.

The building that MJ Engineering Projects worked on was 8 floors high with a total of 50 residential units. It was built on a frame of concrete columns and beams with brickwork infill. With the help of MJ Engineering Projects, these issues were resolved quickly and effectively, ensuring the comfort and safety of the residents of the building. Furthermore, we also offered advice on how to ensure the stability of the structure in the long term, so that any future problems could be avoided.


Scope of Works

As a pre-eminent building maintenance company, MJ Engineering Projects has a great deal of experience in repairing damaged buildings. We were able to determine that water penetration was a result of ineffective windowsills and chloride contamination within the concrete matrix that was causing the building’s structure to crack and leak. In order for the building to have a longer service life, these issues needed to be corrected. We have experience performing these types of work and we are confident that we can provide our clients with a successful outcome.

To perform the full scope of the works, a reputable contractor specialising in remedial works was selected through the selective tender process. As the Superintendent for the project, MJ Engineering Projects was contracted by the client to ensure quality workmanship was carried out in accordance with the technical specification. The following building maintenance works were carried out:

  1. Roof waterproofing membrane replacement.
  2. Installing the waterproof membrane on the podium.
  3. The repair of concrete spalling.
  4. The replacement of windows and doors.
  5. Repaint the facade.
  6. Balustrades need to be removed and replaced.
  7. Balcony tiles need to be removed and replaced.
  8. Installing new flashings.
  9. The installation of a new garbage enclosure.

Client’s Feedback

Our team of expert engineers from MJ Engineering Projects assisted in resolving these problems by providing a range of services. As part of our work with the client, we ensured that all work was carried out according to the highest standards, and the building was brought back to its former glory.

There is no question that MJ Engineering Projects will always go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. The client was extremely satisfied with the work and commended our team for their professionalism and expertise. We take pride in our strong reputation in the industry, and we will continue to provide clients with high-quality services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

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