Building Maintenance In UNSW

Building Maintenance In UNSW

Building Maintenance In UNSW

Remedial Building Maintenance In UNSW

MJ Engineering Projects are one of the leading companies engaged in remedial building maintenance for commercial buildings. The years of experience we have in the industry have proven to be a great asset to our clients as we can provide them with high quality and innovative solutions. In a recent project undertaken by MJ Engineering, extensive repair works were undertaken on a building at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Kensington, NSW. There were extensive repairs to the concrete facade, which included the installation of cathodic protection systems to prevent concrete cancer and spalling. After the renovations were complete, the building looked and functioned as if it was brand new, with minimal disruption to the university’s daily operations.


UNSW Project Description

MJ Engineering Projects has been engaged in the design, construction and construction management of one of two major buildings on the Kensington campus of the University of New South Wales (UNSW). There was the severe deterioration of the sandstone fin walls in part due to concrete spalling, asbestos joints within the sandstone fin walls, and concrete spalling in the concrete cavity. This project, there were a number of challenges due to the fact that rectification works had to be carried out while university semesters were still running, and there was a high demand for pedestrian access in and around these areas. The work had to be undertaken between the hours of 5:00 am and 2:30 pm, and any noise had to be stopped by 9:00 am.

Our work was focused on the installation of cathodic protection to the concrete spalling areas as well as the repair of the asbestos joints as well as the sandstone fin walls. We have utilised our extensive knowledge and expertise in this field to ensure that the building has been restored to its former glory.


Scope of Works

MJ Engineering Projects was able to determine that asbestos joints and severe concrete spalling posed a serious safety concern to students, so it was necessary to start the remediation works as soon as possible.

As part of the tendering process, a reputable contractor, who specialises in remedial works in construction, was retained to perform the full scope of the works as part of the select tender process. In response to the client’s requirement, MJ Engineering Projects was engaged to perform the role of Superintendent to ensure that a high quality of workmanship was carried out according to the technical specification.

The following remedial building maintenance works included:

  1. Sandstone fin walls were stripped of asbestos putty in the jointing process.
  2. Use of repair mortar technology to repair significant amounts of concrete spalling.
  3. To support the cantilevered concrete sections, insert pins & window brackets.
  4. Specific formwork customised to meet the length, angle, and pitch of the slab.
  5. Sandstone fin walls were waterproofed using membranes and sealants.

Client’s Feedback

MJ Engineering provided excellent service and was very professional throughout the entire process. Our company has received numerous compliments regarding the improved appearance of our remedial building maintenance, which has been due to the team completing the project on time and within budget

As a result, the client was very happy with the finished product and complimented MJ Engineering Projects on their professionalism and high standard throughout.

Providing our clients with quality workmanship and outstanding customer service is evident from their positive response. MJ Engineering Projects has the knowledge and expertise needed to help you with concrete spalling and concrete cancer.

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