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Building Maintenance In Sutherland

Remedial Building Maintenance In Sutherland

MJ Engineering has a wealth of experience in the remedial building maintenance field. One recent project involved rejuvenation on a Sutherland building. The project required the installation of a waterproofing membrane to prevent further water damage.

In addition, MJ Engineering was also responsible for repairing concrete cancer on the building. This involved drilling small holes into the affected areas and injecting a specialised repair mortar. The end result was a building that was not only watertight, but also looked aesthetically pleasing. The project proved to be a challenge, as the building was originally in a state of poor condition and had to be rejuvenated drastically.


Project Description

The team at MJ Engineering Project has years of experience providing remedial building maintenance services. A project that the company was involved in at Sutherland included the provisioning of services to a concrete framed structure with brickwork infill and balconies to each of the 64 residential units.

Upon inspection, severe concrete spalling was found due to a low concrete cover and water ingress into the car park. Furthermore, several areas of delaminated texture paint on the entire facade had dislodged and there was a high risk of debris falling onto the adjacent traffic below. MJ Engineering Projects was able to rectify these issues, returning the building to its former glory through the use of our skills and knowledge.


Scope of Works

As part of the building maintenance project at Sutherland in Sydney, MJ Engineering Projects has been involved in repairing issues with the building. The property owners engaged our company to address water ingress issues on the ground floor deck that is above the parking lot area of the property.

According to our inspection reports, the slab edge surfaces were not adequately prepared, which led to the texture coating de-bonding and coming off the slab. MJ Engineering Projects was able to identify that the ground floor deck above the car park area was not waterproofed, which caused water to permeate into the car park area below the deck.

As part of the remedial project, the company decided to waterproof the deck surface and then install a new texture coating system on top of it.

The full scope of work was done by an experienced contractor, specialising in remedial works. This was completed through a competitive tender process to ensure that the project would be completed on time and on budget. MJ Engineering Projects was appointed by the client to act as the Superintendent for the project, ensuring quality workmanship, in accordance with the specification and as per the client’s instructions.

The following remedial building maintenance activities were performed:

  1. Repair of the damaged concrete on the building’s facade.
  2. Removal and replacement of the texture coating on the building’s facade.
  3. Repainting of the rusted bar stools on the balcony soffits.
  4. Repaint any elements that have been coated with paint.
  5. Waterproofing areas leaking into the car park below.

Client’s Feedback

The remedial building maintenance project at Sutherland has been successfully completed by MJ Engineering Projects. There has been a positive response from the client regarding the work carried out.

The project was completed on time and within budget, with no disruption to the day-to-day operations of the site. The client has praised MJ Engineering for their attention to detail and for going above and beyond what was expected in order to ensure that the works were carried out to the highest standard possible.

This is another successful project for MJ Engineering, and we are grateful for the positive feedback from our client. We look forward to continuing to provide quality services that exceed expectations.

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